Pre-Registration is closing soon!

Just a friendly reminder that Pre-Reg signups will be closing soon. 15th of March will be the last day where you can sign up in advance, after that you have to pay on the door and it costs £20 for the venue fee~

And that’s it


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Attention Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Players!

DoA5LR Poster v1

So with the help of Koei Tecmo Europe, we have a special promotion for DoA5LR players!
Instead of £15 for the 3 days and £5 for the Tournament

We are doing £15 for both! If you play Dead or Alive 5 and you are able to get down, this is a great opportunity to find other players and play games in an offline enviroment! Sign-ups will open on Wednesday, look for the Special Dead or Alive 5 item. It has a nice gold border, shouldn’t miss it

However this only applies if you are entering Dead or Alive 5 ONLY. If you plan to play other games as well, please get the normal Weekend Pass for the Event.

And that’s me out~


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Sakura Fight Festa Update! 17/02/15

feb update

So we are almost one month away from Sakura Fight Festa! If you have not booked and confirmed, you can do so by clicking the Sign Up tab above!

Now we have a few updates

The Shop
So nobody has really told me what they’d really like so I will just get some really standard stock. I will be selling them for pretty standard prices as well (not looking to rip anybody off here). The purpose of the shop is to provide refreshments such as chocolate bars and drinks to everybody. Last time when I was organising all I wanted was a simple coke :(…

Anyways that’s the shop. If you have any particular requests I may try to get some, it depends if I can get them for cheap though…

The Stream

It can be found at
Not really much else to say, if you want to tune in, the stream should be on all weekend. Please spread the stream about…it actually helps

and that’s it really~

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Sakura Fight Festa Update! 21/01/14

update 21 01 15

So its now exactly 2 months -1 day until Sakura Fight Festa! If you are interested in joining you should probably sign up!

So first bit of news, we have a trailer made by Firei!

Second. About the tuckshop it will still be going on…but nobody has really told me what they want so I’ll be bringing a small supply of the usual stuff. Coke, 7UP, DrPepper etc. Water will also be available. In addition there will be snacks like crisps and chocolate bars…I just have to figure out what people really want.

About the Raffle, we’re just thinking of a good time to get this done. But it is happening, and the prizes will be just as”special”

And that’s all we got for updates for now. Believe it or not its hard to find stuff to talk about haha…

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Sakura Fight Festa Update! 15/12/2014

update 15 12 2014

Frosty here. We’ve had a fair few updates on twitter but nothing actually posted on this front page. So here is the first update for #SFF2015!

So firstly, our site is active as you can see, along with the E-Commerce shop. If you want to confirm your slot at SFF2015 (and you might want to) you can buy venue entry and tournament entries [Here]. Venue Fee is £15 for the whole 3 days, and each tournament is £5 – and no, you cannot pay for a single day, but why would you want to when there’s 3 days of casuals?

Paying on the day is £20, but if all 100 spots are reserved, we may not be able to let you in unless one of those people contact us, and say they cannot make it. We will, however, announce if there are still spaces left for the event, and only then, can you pay on the day.

Second, we have a player list up. If you want to find out who is going, you can check it out [here]. “Confirmed” means they’ve paid which means their spot is reversed for the entire weekend (If they arrive or not, is up to the player). If you are interested, and want to just put your name on the player list to say you are interested, tweet at me @FrostyBolty.

Lastly, our schedule is up! This is for tournaments only, and all games will still have casual setups running throughout all 3 days. The schedule can be found [Here] at the bottom.

And I’m out, if you have any questions you can find me on twitter @Frostybolty, or u can msg @Firei_uk or @Rayokarna. Alternatively, you can email us at


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Sakura Fight Festa

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